Winter maintenance.

When doing maintenance on your roof, please remember:
If you are uncomfortable being on your roof, or cleaning your gutters, please hire a professional to do the work for you!

Place your ladder on even ground if possible, secure your ladder to your gutters using a bungee cord. If you do not have a gutter, please have someone to hold the ladder for you. Extend the ladder above the roof line, and at an angel to your house.
If , at any time, you are uncomfortable, please come down.

This is the time do do routine maintenance on your roof, as well as your gutters
As the leaves are falling on your roof, they are in your gutters too.
 A little prevention now could save money down the road.

 Leaves and debris on your roof will not allow the water to flow off as it should. They trap water, causing it to back up, which could lead it it wick under your shingles.

Believe it or not, water can run uphill, or wick up hill, if it is trapped in valleys, behind chimneys, skylights, or other protrusions on your roof. It must have a way to run off.

Wicking may lead to a leak, which can cause damaged decking, mold in your attic, or damage to your interior.

While on the roof, this is a good time to check your pipe flanges, chimney flashing, around your roof vents, and the over all condition of your shingles.

Leaves and other debris in your gutters may clog your downspouts. This will not allow the water to run out of the gutters and cause them to overflow.  This could lead to damaged fascia or soffit.

While cleaning the gutters, make sure they are fastened against the fascia, with no cap between them. If they were put on with spikes and ferrels, you may want to strengthen them with clips. You will need to check for leaks, and ensure that the down spouts are clear. If the water is causing a problem, you may need to divert it using a black pipe to carry it away from your home.

Gutter guards may be needed to keep your gutters clean. We like to use GutterRx guards.

Should you have any questions, or would like for us to come out and give you an estimate, please give us a call, 931-433-7314, or send us an email
Thank you, Theressa

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